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Real World STEM
for the Classroom 14 Years+


EXP Education Kit

  • Real Robots with the latest technology, sensors, and metal construction to teach STEM concepts.

  • Real Learning with project-based lessons that make students active participants in their learning.

  • Real-world Immersion into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that every student needs.

  • Organized Storage with two bins per kit, location labels, and small parts cases.

EXP Classroom Bundles

  • Organized and manageable for any STEM teacher!

  • STEM Games bring learning to life through the excitement of classroom competitions.

  • Game Fields assemble quickly in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for any classroom layout.

  • Includes extra spare parts, tools, cables, chargers, and posters.

Which EXP is right for you?

Robot Construction System

Teach real-world design and construction.

Fast and easy builds enable iteration and experimentation.

Unlimited robotic possibilities that come to life.


Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

VEX EXP comes with all the electronics needed to power, remotely operate, and code your robot.


Organized Block, Python and C++ Coding

Included with all Kits and Bundles

VEXcode EXP is available for Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads*, and Android tablets*

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