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  • Can I use VEX EXP for the VEX Robotics Competitions (VRC, VEX U or VAIC)?
    No, the EXP Robot Brain, EXP Robot Battery, and EXP Controller are for classroom use only. However, EXP students will gain valuable knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to V5 and the VRC because the building system, sensors, motors, and coding are identical between the platforms.
  • Is VEX EXP a great fit for classroom use?
    Yes. VEX EXP brings everything great about the V5 system to the classroom. VEX EXP is a great fit for the classroom: Classroom clutter is greatly reduced with organized parts storage Educators can easily bring the excitement of VEX competitions into the classroom with STEM Labs Student robot build experiences are enhanced with improved parts and faster robot build times Slightly smaller robot size reduces the space needed in classrooms, without losing any capabilities
  • What is not compatible between EXP and V5?
    The V5 Battery and the EXP Battery are not interchangeable, nor are their chargers.
  • Why is EXP less expensive than V5 Classroom Kits?
    The V5 Robot Brain and V5 Smart Motors (11W) were both designed to meet all the requirements of competition use, including 21 ports and high-power motors. Additionally, competition use required an expensive display on both the Brain and Controller to allow for data visualization when away from a computer. VEX EXP has fewer ports and lower-power motors (5.5W) that are more aligned with classroom needs. Since classroom use always has a computer nearby, the computer's screen along with VEXcode can replace the function of the more expensive screens on the V5 Brain and Controller. Lastly, only large competitions need the expensive VEXnet radio function, allowing EXP to use a more cost-effective Bluetooth solution that is robust for classroom use.
  • How are EXP kits different from V5 Classroom Kits?
    The main differences are that EXP allows slightly smaller robots to be built, requires less tool usage while building, and improves overall build speed. Additionally, the part selection allows for more variation in robot design without the need to cut metal parts. This allows builds to be constructed, deconstructed, put away, and re-used from class period to another. The EXP Battery has almost twice the capacity of the V5 Battery, allowing for all-day classroom use.
  • Are the electronics for EXP and V5 Classroom Kits cross-compatible?
    Yes. EXP and V5 can use the same devices, including: V5 Smart Motor (11W)* V5 Smart Motor (5.5W) V5 Inertial Sensor V5 Distance Sensor V5 Optical Sensor V5 Rotation Sensor V5 Vision Sensor V5 3-Wire Expander EXP Controller V5 Controller All 3-Wire devices * The V5 Smart Motor (11W) is compatible with the EXP Robot Brain, but at reduced power.
  • What should I buy for classroom use?
    The VEX EXP Education Kit and VEX EXP Classroom Bundles are recommended for classrooms.
  • Can I use VEX EXP for classroom competitions?
    Yes. In fact, the VEX EXP STEM Labs are designed to bring the excitement and engagement of robotics competitions to the classroom. VEX EXP Classroom Bundles contain game fields and game objects for this reason.
  • Are VEX V5 and VEX EXP similar?
    Yes. VEX EXP brings everything great about the V5 system to the classroom. Both V5 and EXP use: Powerful processors with very similar user code performance VEXcode for Blocks, Python, and C The same smart sensors The same 3-wire devices The metal construction system, fasteners, etc.
  • What is recommended for classrooms that also compete in the VEX Robotics Competitions?
    We recommend EXP for the majority of the Classroom Kits so that more students can get hands-on experience with STEM and robotics. Use one V5 Competition Kit to support each of your team robots. Since all the construction parts and devices are compatible, they will seamlessly coexist in classrooms. The aluminum structural parts used for competition robots are easily differentiated from the steel structural parts in the EXP kits. Any part in the VEX EXP kits is legal for the VRC except for the EXP Robot Brain, EXP Robot Battery, and EXP Controller.
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