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Coding Starts Early for 4 Years +

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Which VEX 123 is right for you?

123 Education Kit

One 123 Robot, Coder and Cards

VEX 123 Education Kit

123 Classroom Bundles

For 12, 24 or 36 students. 123 Robots, Coders and cards. Plus cases, fields, charging and more...

Vex 123 Classroom Bundle




3 Ways to Code

Touch Coding Vex 123

Learners can code the 123 robot using touch to control movements and sounds. They learn sequences, logic and problem solving.

Vex 123 Coder

Learners progress to using coding Cards and the VEX Coder to control the 123 robot. They learn real programming away from tablets and computers.

Vex123 VexCode

Learners use VEXcode with Drag & Drop blocks to code the 123 robot. Available for tablets, Chromebooks, Mac and Windows. Powered by Scratch 3.

Robot Play Spaces Reinvented

From floor to table, set up the 123 field in any area for maximum engagement and controlled play spaces.

Vex 123 Field
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